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Vibrating Table

Detailed Product Description

Our vibrating tables have been used and developed widely in China for tens of years, mainly applied as the standard and necessary selection equipment for tungsten, stannum, titanium and iron. It is adapted to concentrate mineral ores such as tin, gold, tungsten, zircon and other metallic or non-metallic ores. It is often used in cleaning operation.

The surface of the table is made up of steel framework and fiberglass. While the clarificatory surface is designed with a wearable layer made from corundum. This has been designed with benefits of high rigidity, high intensity, and less distortion. Also, it has an excellent performance on wearable capacity, anti-eruption & anti-acidification against many kinds of chemicals. Furthermore, its strong and durable design leads to its perfect performance on different weather conditions & tough environment such as rain, snow, dry or hot.

Our products have extensively used to clarify the tungsten, stannum, tantalum, niobium as well as other rare metal and valuable ore. Besides, it can also be used to clarify the iron, manganese, chromium, titanium, lead and coal. This vibrating table can be used to extensive selection, intensive selection as well as scanning selection etc.

If you choose to use this vibrating table for intensive selection, you can use it along with our product of Spiral concentrator BL1500 series to reach the best performance and highest efficiency with limited area.

Technical Parameter

Model coarse table slime table
Feeding size range (mm) 0.2~2.0 ﹤0.2
Capacity (t/h) 0.5~1.8 0.3~0.8
Feeding Concentration (%) 20~30 15~20
Washing water consumption (h/t) 0.7~1.0 0.4~0.7
Cross angle (°) 2.0~3.6 1.0~2.0
Portrait angle (°) 1.0~2.0 ﹤0.5
Table material fiberglass, wearable corundum cover fiberglass, wearable corundum cover
Table dimension (mm) 1500×1850×4500 1500×1850×4500
Weight (kg) 1000 1000

Other correlations service

We are committed to satisfying all of customer's technical and quality requirements and offering a complete service. We understand that every customer has his special requirements to the products. Besides the quality, prompt and individualized service is also very important. And we are ready:

· To provide metallurgical trial test work. (Extra charged)
· To design specific equipment according to customer's request.
· To supervise installation and commission.
· On-site training, technical support and responsive trouble-shooting.